How to add armor or clothing into your game.

This is a tutorial on how to simply add armor or clothing to your game. Maybe you have only the meshes and textures of a file and not an esp; or want all of your armor or clothing meshes in one esp (which I like to do).
I want to add this armor mash-up of mine into my game. First I need to open the construction set, click file>data... and click on the Oblivion.esm and hit okay. (without setting an active file).

In the object window I need to go to objects and click on the sub link for armor (like in the picture [if you are adding clothing go to the clothing sub link]). It will bring up a list of all the armor in Oblivion. I just right click anywhere in the list and select 'new'.

After clicking on 'new' it will open up a window that is pretty much blank. I will put an ID for the armor in the ID. I named it 'AAAdreadknight'; the 'AAA' if so I can easily find it in the list of armors, and the 'dreadknight' is the name of the armor. I edit the stats such as value and weight to what I see fit (I normally just copy the values from other armors in the game). I also selected the object slots in the list that is in the middle, the armor takes up hand, feet, upper and lower body slots so all of them need to be selected. Next I need to add the armor mesh to this. I hit the button that says 'add nif file' (under female model, since this armor is for a female).
Clicking on the 'add nif file' button opens my meshes folder. I just need to find the mesh I saved, and hit okay. Next I need to have a world model if I want to drop the armor on the ground, since I never made a world model I use existing ones. Most armor and clothing mods will come with ground models which end in _GND. I also need and icon, which I don't make my own icons I just use existing ones. Clicking on the 'add icon image' button will open the icon folder. I just selected the first one I opened. After I am done adding the nif files, and icons I just hit 'OK'.
Next I need to find the 'container' sub link under 'world objects'. Because I need to put my armor into a container obviously (You can also add it to a vendor to buy it or drop the armor in the world space...but I prefer a container). I right-click on the top container that shows up which is a sack and click 'edit'.
Clicking 'edit' opens up the sacks file. I delete all the contents by selecting them all and right-clicking on them. I rename the sack (again to something that I can easily find in the list). I leave the mesh and sound options untouched.

Before closing the sack window, I need to put my armor into the sack. I just locate my armor in the armor list and drag it into the sack window.

Now that my armor is in my sack, I can hit 'OK'; since I just edited an existing sack it will open a window asking if I want to create a new ID. I just hit 'yes'. 
Now to finally put the sack into my game world. In the cell view window I just choose where I want in. I choose interiors> anvil castle great hall. I zoom into the ground, move the camera around until I find the best place (using the shift key and my mouse careful to not click on anything) and drag my sack into the anvil castle great hall. (tip: hit the 'f' key after dragging something into the game world so it hits the ground). Now that my armor is in my game I just hit save and name the esp. (hitting save will open up your data folder and it will prompt you to name the esp). And that is it, hope this helps people (:.