How to create an armor mash-up in Nifscope

This is a small tutorial on how to combine armors using Nifscope. This is very easy to do, but it does require some patience (some armor pieces won't fit, you will create an epic piece of armor full of epic-ness and Nifscope will crash when you even think about saving -_-).

So these are some of my favorite pairs of pants (lol I want to say greaves, but technically greaves are more of a shin plate...) I have in my game. What I don't like about the one on the right is that the crotch is bare unless I wear the full armor (which is H cup :x). What I want to do is add the loincloth thing from the pants on the left to the ones on the right. 
This loincloth has several different parts to it, so I will need to click on each part individually and add it individually (does not take to long once you get the hang of it). I just clicked on the top part of the loincloth first; when I clicked on it it highlighted itself in the list to the left. To copy it you need to right click on the highlighted item in the list select block> copy branch.
To add the piece of the loincloth that I just copied to the other armor, I right clicked on the very top item (the sceneroot) in the left list of the pants on the right. After right clicking I went to block> paste branch.This will automatically add the loincloth to the right area, I did not have to move anything around. To get the whole loincloth from the pants on the left to the ones on the right I just repeated the copy and paste process

Here is my finished pants, no more open crotch yay. Don't forget to save (:.