How to share a mash-up

This will hopefully help someone get their mash-up separated into it's own folder so it can be shared without over-writing other peoples textures and meshes. (Also if you do not want to share your mash-up this guide is nice for re-texturing something and keeping your data folder more organized).

First before I share this, I need to delete everything underneath the scene root so it does not slow peoples game down if they equip this. All that crap underneath the scene root (while it's closed) is left over garbage; this can be very tedious to delete all of that. What I do to make it go faster is I hold down the ctrl button and spam left click everything there and spam delete.

Now it's clean :> yay! now to save it.

When I save my mash-ups I like to give them all their own folders in my meshes folder. I will save my mesh there and re-open it. (also I created a texture folder in my textures folder with the same name.)

Now the other tedious part, I need to change the texture paths for every single part of this mash-up (except the skin textures [if there is anything from vanilla that you are not re-texturing don't worry about changing that]). I need to locate the original textures first, I do this one at a time. I am starting with the gloves.

I opened my textures folder and fond the textures and copied them so I could add them to my new folder I made for this mash-up (copy the normal maps too!).

Now I paste the glove textures into my new folder. Now I can change the texture, I click on the flower underneath the glove mesh so I can change the folder path.

Clicking on the flower will open up this window, I just find the texture name (since it's the only texture in there right now this will be easy XD).

Now my gloves have the new texture path... this must be done for every single part of the mash-up; again except for the skin (unless you have chain mail). Now repeat :D.

I did not take screen shots of the whole thing, just only a couple to help explain the process. When you are done don't forget to save (I broke my keyboard raging after forgetting to save a more cluttered mash-up lol)! when you want to share it make sure all the textures are correct and what not.

To share; What I do when I share is I just make a meshes and textures folder on my desktop (temporarily) and  copy my new meshes and textures folder for my mash-up into them; then I just right click my desktop meshes and textures folder and use 7-zip to add them to an archive. If you share something on a larger site like tesnexus make an esp or you will get harassed to death by people who are to lazy to make one themselves -.-.

Hope this helps, this is probably already know by many, but there are some people who probably don't know.

edit: will come back to edit this later too tired XD.


  1. This is sooo boring, but you motivated me to clean up my files a little. At least I won't have the usual "OMG I thought I copied everything" problem after re-installing.

    Great and really simple guide as always, your blog made me investigate nifscope and GIMP on my own a lot. Maybe some next few post (don't treat it as a request, I'm just wondering) you could write about how to cut meshes into pieces if they are not separatable in nifscope or help with basic clipping problems (I guess it's some more complicated stuff) or how to create full body (like pants+ blouse) mash-ups when you don't have a full skeleton in nifscope and thus you can't "paste block".

    Please continue anyway, it's quite informative :)

  2. Hello (:. thank you for the comment, glad you are finding these useful (:.

    I would love to explain how to cut meshes and fix clipping issues; but unfortunately that requires blender... which is not working on my computer at the moment. ):

    If you want to create a full body mash-up here is the blank skeleton I use. It's full with almost every branch except BBB support. http://www.mediafire.com/?0n7ptuaq4e0hv35 . I will probably make a guide on how to put together a skeleton sometime, but it's the same concept as making a mash-up just cut and paste the skeleton items like the 'neck' or the fingers.

    Hope that helps and hope that is what you were referring to. (: sorry I cannot help with Blender. I will let you know that Blender is pretty easy to use; the hardest part about Blender is the camera moment. (: