A simple way to re-color and duplicate an armor

This tutorial will show how to re-color and duplicate an armor. I like this armor, but I want it to be blue and I want to keep the original armor.

The shirt underneath is brown/red and I want it to be blue-ish. I like the color it is now, so I would like to have both options; a red colored one and a blue colored one.

To start I need to find where the texture is in my data folder. By clicking on the mesh I want to re-color it will highlight itself in the list on the left.

If I click on the little arrow next to the mesh I want to re-color it will drop down, then there will be another arrow. I colored in red the arrows that need to be dropped down. Now next to the flower icon is the file path of the texture to this mesh.

From there I opened my data folder and found the texture, since I am not re-coloring the original I just copied the textures (both the texture and the normal map). In this texture folder I also made a new folder and titled it 'blue recolor' this is where I will keep a copy of the original textures. So I just copied the texture and normal map and pasted it into my new folder.

Now I will open the copy of the 01.dds texture using gimp. To open an Oblivion texture with Gimp you need this, and of course Gimp which I provided a link on my blog; right there ->.

Now that is opened in Gimp I just use the free-select tool (looks like a lasso) to crudely select the part I want re-colored. There are many ways to re-color this to blue. What I did was click on color> color balance and adjust the cyan and blue hues. Then I selected color> hue saturation and de-saturated all the reds, greens, and yellows from the selected part of the texture.

Now that it is the color I want it to be I just need to save it.

Now to edit the mesh I just go back to the mesh and click on the flower icon next to the texture path to the part of the mesh I want to re-color.

Clicking on the flower icon will open my texture folder, I need to find my blue re-texture that I just saved.

Now it is blue, and the texture path is to my new texture. Now I just need to save it. I will save it in the same mesh folder as the original red/brown colored mesh, but I will rename it to '01 blue recolor' instead of the '01'.

Now I just need to add the new blue mesh to my game. (:.

That's it, I really hope this helps someone. If you want to re-texture something pretty much do it the same way. For less-simplistic re-texturing it helps to know where to get textures. Google is a good place (if I want wool texture I just Google image search 'wool pattern, or wool texture) as well as many other texturing sites, it also helps to stock up on Photoshop brushes that you can get for free offline... I also use google to search for Photoshop brushes (it will usually take me to Deviantart.com) . Also for bigger re-textures you need to make normal maps so your texture shows up correctly in game. For normal maps you need This gimp plug-in. Normal maps make your texture pop-out in game. For example I like to adds cracks and nicks to plate armor... I can easily take a Photoshop brush to an existing texture and make that texture look cracked and worn; but in order for the cracks to have depth and texture in game I need to adjust the normal maps.