A simple way to remove items and change texture paths using Nifscope.

I like revealing armor, but sometimes I would rather have my female characters wear protective armor ;) .What I did in this tutorial is take the White snake armor top from the Apachii Goddess Store and replace the skin texture with chain mail, and remove the belly button jewelry. This is a really simple edit. 

this is what you start with when you open the appropriate mesh for the armor you want to change. That is also how it appears in game before any edits. I wanted to start with removing the snake shaped belly button jewelry.

When I clicked on the belly button jewelry a lot of stuff appeared in the left window, but it will automatically highlight what you selected. To remove the belly button jewelry I just right clicked on the highlighted item in the left window. I went to 'block' then clicked 'remove'. 

Belly button jewelry gone. I suggest saving your mesh after every change you make to it. This is how you remove any part of a mesh, be careful though because some meshes cannot be removed without leaving a giant gap. It's best to just experiment with meshes to understand what can or can't be changed. Every mesh is different. 

Now to change the skin texture to chain mail. I clicked on the skin which automatically highlighted the skin in the box to the left. In the left box I expanded the two arrows (circled in red) until I saw the flower icon that had the texture path for the body textures I use.

I clicked on the little flower icon and it opened up my texture folder. For the chain mail texture I used the one from an R18PN mod (you can make your own or use others). I just selected it and then hit 'open'.

Now my snake armor top is a little less revealing, but it's not done. I clicked on the pain pallet icon that says 'skin' next to it (right above where the flower icon is). 

When I clicked on the paint pallet icon it opened up this dialog. In order for my chain mail texture to appear in game I need to erase at the top where it says 'skin' and change the name. I changed it to 'mail' (it can be anything). I suggest not messing with any of those little circles or adjusting anything other than the glossiness here, or your chain mail texture will turn out bright red and super shiny. After I changed the name from 'skin' to 'mail' I just hit accept. Don't forget to save. You can do this to almost any mesh. I do it to a lot of revealing armors to make them more appropriate. 

This is probably not the expert route, but it's a really simple fix that makes big changes to armor and makes them a little better. this surprisingly took me forever to figure out so hopefully this helps someone, If anyone reads this :p.