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Reflecting on what Ocheeva told him earlier: Some one prayed to the night mother; and they want an Imperial legion soilder named Kira dead. Kira is an Imperial that lives in the Nibenay Basin... for two weeks she will be sent to Leyawiin to try and recruit people getting off ships. Addison, you are to get a job with the legion and accompany her. 

"can't I just kill her before she leaves?" 

Addison she will not be an easy oppnant-- she is a dark paladin ; trained by crusaders in healing with expirence in desruction magic from her schooling at the Arcane University. She is also a very paranoid person; simply sneaking into her house to kill her while she sleeps is not an option. You need to earn her trust. 

'Hopefully this wont take long he thought to himself ' I really don't feel like the idea of two weeks playing dress up' 

"Kira; this is Addison..." 

"addison?...." she asked. 

Addison responded: "Addison Payne"

Their upper coughed "ahem... Addison is new to the legion and he will be accomying you to Leyawiin." 

"good, finally someone volenteered" they wern't sure if she was being sarcastic or excited for company.
their superior went on "your boat to Leyawiin will be here in the morning."  

"please don't be late Addison." Kira smiled.

the next day

After a long Akwardly silent walk to the boat they would be boarding addison tried breaking the ice "Hey, why do you get to wear whatever, while I'm stuck in this hunk of metal?"

Kira sighed having her day-dreaming interrupted "The armor smith is a pervert, I refuse to get that close to him". 

"heh, so they were right. You are the legion 'princess'." Addison replied.  

Hearing that label made Kira drown in unpleasant memories of her past; she hates getting lost in distraction, even more so then she hates getting interrupted from her distraction. 

'Hope I did not just offend her--Don't know how I'm supposed to be-friend her if I can't keep my stupid comments to myself' he thought to himself.

'This ride won't be short better get comfortable with conversation' Kira thought to herself. 

"Tell me about yourself Addison." She asked.

"Well I moved to Cyrodiil a year-or-so ago...for buisness. Just the other day I saw a recruiter for the Legion and he convinced me to join-- so here I am."

Kira could not help but laugh at what he said. Maybe is was his playfully sarcastic tone.

All the way to Leyawiin they talked and drank. Kira enjoyed his stories... but there was something odd about him; Kira couldn't help but get a bad feeling.

Kira stretched "finally on dry land, I'm ready for a nap!"

"I'm ready to go home" Addison moaned. 

"not for another two weeks" they both let out a laugh that could almost be confused with a whine.

"Why the hell would they send us here anyway? the only thing Leywiin has to offer are beasts and skooma addicts. Not one decent person stepped off any ship that docked today." Addison whined.

"There was that charming Argonian..." Kira tried to lighten his spirits.

"The one that wanted to sell us 'Dwemer artifacts'. HA! he probobly coulden't even pick up a sword let alone use one." Addison rolled his eyes at the idea of seeing him in the Imperial city arresting drunks. What a silly image. 

"A man trying to sell metal scraps off as Dwemer artifacts is probobly good at taking advantage of people; thats what war needs, someone intelligent enough to manipulate others-- the mind is just as good as a sword when it comes to war." Kira would give anyone a chance to fight along side her. She was good at finding peoples positive points.

"guess you have a point, and if he was a fool he could serve as a living shield; that's what war also needs-- someone to die..." 

They both smiled, that was true to them also. Addison continued: "it's getting late when do we get to go find an inn?"

"there is one just east of here, lets go." Kira responded.

"The water looks almost like glass this late at night, very beautiful"

"meh, I have seen better.. nothing is pretty about Leyawiin" Addison replied.

Kira rolled her eyes 'some people forget to leave their pride and ignorance at home and miss out on enjoying the beauty of the world around them; how unfortunate  she thought to herself. 'at least someone will enjoy this lovely night'.

It's still early in the night lets have a couple drinks?

"I told me about myself but you never talked about yourself? where are you from, and why is someone like you part of the Imperial Legion?"

"what is that supposed to mean?" Kira responded with a glare.

"I'm just cuirious" Addison smiled.

Kira sighed "Well I was raised by the Chapel of Stendarr; I was an orphan. I was eleven when the Oblivion crisis happened and they had to use the chapels to harbor the injurded so I was sent to a Priory. Also being old enough to weild a sword they sent me to a priory that would train me for combat." she paused to look at his face if she was boring him she would cut it short, if he seemed interested might as well tell him the whole story. He looked interested. She continued: "I was trained in healing, I was trained to weild swords and blunt weapons, and I was trained to wear both light and heavy armor."

"So you are a Paladin?" Addison asked.

"partially, the Oblivion crisis ended when I was fifteen. Since I was not needed for war I could do what ever I wanted with my life; instead of going back to Chorrol I decided I wanted to learn about magic. I got a job at the First Edition in the imperial city, Phintias was kind enough to let me stay there too. All the money I earned went to paying the Arcane University to let me study there. When I was sixteen I lived and attended at the Arcane University; for two years I was there I. excelled in the school of desctuction... not so much the other schools. But I was good enough with destruction to be considered one of there top students. I ended up getting involved with necromancy and was expelled."

"that is pretty serious, so you went from raising the dead to working for the Imperial Legion"

She went on: "it probobly does sound funny, but I did not go without punishment; I did not raise the dead or harm anybody but looking into necromancy is a pretty serious crime as far as the university is concerned so I was sent to Solsthiem to help the East Empire company build territory."

Addison looked surprised, and at the same time looked like he wanted to laugh "Wow, you were in Solsthiem, most peple from there are crazy and rugged. I have a hard time beleiveing you now. He laughed expecting her to laugh and say it was a joke. 

She went on "Thats where my Princess title comes from. The two years I was there I was adoreded by Carnius and he made sure I was dolled up sitting pretty at his side; He would cut off heads if he saw anyone talk down to me. I was more fortanate than any other prisioner... or occupant there; but it was still hell. Cold, and you always had to worry about werewolves, and pretty much everything else there." 

"so they are real, werewolves I mean?" Addison knew about the horrors of that place from stories he heard. He was very interested in hearing more.

Kira looked down, this definitively took her back in time. "I never belived in them either, but after being there and seeing what they did I defiantly believe in them now." she forced a smile and went on. "Anyways so one year later and I'm in Leyawiin working as an Iperial Legion recruiter. When I got home I was hoping to become a night, and build a good reputation for myslef. The fighters guild would not have me so I joined the legion hoping to get some combat expirence... so far I just find myself being called a princess doing the 'safe' jobs." She sighed again.

"Why didn't you just become a rogue knight? get your own combat expirence?" Addison asked.

"I thought about that, but most rogue knights are either out for revenge, or end up cave dwelling for some traveling saleman who was robbed" 

Addison laughed at how true that was. 

They chat for another hour.

"Well I guess we should get some sleep since we have to be up in a couple of hours." Kira said while stretching her legs under the table. 

Addison yawned and nodded.

"can we get some rooms please?" Addison asked, as tired as he was it probably sounded more like a demand.

The innkeeper smiled "I am sorry, but we only have one room vacant. It's been a pretty busy night here there is a trade convention going on. I am surprised we even have a room available." 

"I guess it will do" Kira sighed. 

Kira and Addison both think 'perfect' Kira however is toying sarcasticly with herself; Addison is genuinely excited.

Addison let out a monotone whine "So, uh I guess I get the floor."

"good choice, and sleep well" Kira smiled.  

"heh, you too Princess" Addison joked. Kira shot a glare at him them saw his smirk and laughed it off.
Addison wasted time thinking to himself. The bad part about be-friending someone you are sent to kill; guilt. Kira sleeped soundly. I guess this would be the perfect time; the sun is about to come up and I should get it over with. 

Kira awoke in confusion to Addison kneeling over her and his fist flying towards her face. She hurried and kicked him off of her. A couple of miniuts fighing on the floor she managed to disorient him by hitting him in the eyes. Enough time to grab her sword. 


With her sword, Addison was quick to submit.
"I had a bad feeling about you. I feel really stupid right now trusting you enough to sleep in the same room as you." 

Addison panted; he had failed-- should he tell her everything in hopes of getting free?

Kira went on: "I may have been stupid enough to have trusted you, but I am intelligent enough to know you are not here to kill me for something pety as gold... tell me, who wants me dead?"

Addison stuttered "I..I... I don't know we are just told who to kill and where. not why."

"who is we?" She demanded.

Addison told her all he could in hopes of getting free. Kira had an idea it would be the dark brotherhood that he worked for, she was still puzzled as to who exactly want her dead. 

"one thing I never mentioned about myself was when I first moved to the Imperial city I was assulted by some drunk while walking around the city at night... since I was studying magic at the time I thought it would be funny to set him on fire and watch him burn. You probobly did something similar, because you are where I could have been... I was visited at night by a stranger who wanted me to kill for him and his night mother" Kira smirked and continued :"Unlike you however, I did not hold hands with this stranger and worship his commands; I spit in his face. I don't need orders to be a fiend". her blade lowered, digging into his neck. 

"please, let me go I told you everything, I will tell them you are dead...they will never bother you again. You will be safe." Addison begged.
Kira slammed down her blade showing no mercy. your brotherhood will see the same fate.

dun dun dun.   D:

Kira focused her anger to her legs and kicked at the door.  "Open this fucking door!" Kira screamed.

A strange voice from beyond the door whispered "what is the color of night?"

The anger she felt from that response could have sent her into a berserker rage; she was expecting a response of someone opening the door; not the door asking for a password. She paused to think 'there has got to be another way in' her anger almost had her in tears. She is not leaving here until she has all the brotherhood's heads in hand-- she can kick at this door all night if she has to. Lost in her thought and frustration she was interrupted by the sound footsteps behind her, followed by a familiar voice.


"so, are you here to reconsider the offer I extended to you years ago, or are you here to spit in my face and call me a worthless maggot again?" the stranger said jokingly with a smile; she turned to him with a glare.

"Oh Lucien I am so glad that you are here...Lucien; Open this fucking door and join the fate that awaits your brotherhood. You all need to be brought to justice." She scowled.

“I am afraid you came here a little too late; there is no one beyond that door." He said while leaning back against the cold brick wall behind him.


"Quit with your damn games, and tell this door what the color of night is!" she demanded. 

He laughed "They are all dead, would I have any reason to lie to you? In fact you killed that last living member in Leyawiin. There was a traitor among them; everyone needed to be exterminated." 

She looked down, that news was sure calming if he was telling the truth. "So I guess you’re the only one left then?" she said trying to sound threatening; however they both knew she would not be able to kill him; but the last thing she would do is physically express her fear in front of him. 

"You would not kill me...” he smiled. He went on "You are here out of curiosity? Someone wanted you dead obliviously and you were hoping to get answers and heads. The brotherhood is dead and so now all you need is the head of the person who wants you dead. I can help...I want to help." He smiled more.

Her anger started to slowly creep back to her; she did want to know who it was; however, she was not looking to seek help. "Just tell me who it is and I will forget I even met you; I can help myself just fine." 

“I know you can, I want to help you. You are almost always on my mind you know” His smile died down a little to show his sincerity; Kira’s scowl started to fade from her face to show acknowledgement of his sincerity. They sat in silence for a while until Lucien went on:  "I hear the count of Skingrad is holding a dinner party tomorrow night. Why don't you come as my date? Dress appropriate and leave your weapons at home." He smiled and walked off. 

She stayed there staring blankly at the door in front of her; contemplating what he said to her. 'Maybe the fool who wants me dead will be attending, I should go… Why would Lucien ask me to not bring any weapons? This better not be some trick of his... am I really considering doing this?'


Butterflies filled her stomach as she approached the door to the great hall of the Skingrad castle. Before she headed inside she paused in the courtyard and thought to herself 'maybe I should just leave? I look ridiculous and this is probably a bad idea'. 

She ended up swallowing her doubts and walked into the great hall to find herself alone in a large empty room. 'Where the hell is everybody?!’ 

Maybe this was a trap? She was defenseless without her weapon; sure she studied magic in the past, but she was not confidant she could cast a spell since she has not used magic in years. She wanted to be scared but oddly she trusted Lucien. Was it a bad idea? Maybe, but What options does she have?

'Maybe they are upstairs this is a dinner party after all...' she headed upstairs to the dining hall. 


"I was almost doubting you would show up..." he looked her up and down "you look lovely." Lucien smiled. 

She had a confused look on her face "Why are you leaving?" 

"I’m not" he responded "You are my date; and being a gentleman I would wait here for you all night if I had to". 

She looked to him and smiled then tried to walk through the door of the dining hall. 

Lucien stopped her "It’s been taken care of...” he smiled and went on "lets head to the wine cellar, I hear they have some of the best...."  

"Wait! What has been taken care of? Who the hell wants to kill me? What is going on!?” She asked.

He replied "well, I was hoping you would come earlier so that the count could see your pretty face still breathing before he died... I poisoned the wine earlier that all the other party guests would be drinking-- Since he did not drink the wine I had to kill him right after they died instead of waiting, so he did not call the guards into the castle."

His words were almost a muted noise to her, she was shocked to hear the count was dead; what if she is the one to be blamed? She tried to get answers "the count is dead?" she asked softly.

"He was the one who wanted you murdered." He responded. 

Why did she not see this before? It makes sense now. Anyone who stood in offense to the count of Skingrad would come up missing, and Kira was openly against his politics...and him in general. She started to worry. "Should we leave? We will get in trouble when the guards come into the castle to find us; the only ones alive." her tone was panicked. 

He was surprised and happy to see her not in rage; she was worried. Maybe this un-expected emotion from her was a good sign that she was comfortable around him. He tried to calm her "Don't worry, the guards won't come into the castle until the morning to make sure all the guests are gone. You are more likely to get into trouble if you are missing in the morning, than if you are here. I am sure someone saw you walk up to the castle on your way here." He smiled at her for comfort.

"You are right she agreed." A smile slowly went across her face.

 He nudged her playfully "Now let’s go to the cellar and enjoy this dinner party." 

As they enter the cellar Kira turns to him concerned "Wait, what about you? I am sure you can't stay here that long."

”Don't worry about me I will be gone before the guards come".

Kira smiled in relief at his response, she was starting to see a softer side to him. She would feel terrible if he was locked away for her committing her retribution. She went to turn towards the wine. Lucien turned her back around gently.

"wait, I want to ask a sincere question: do you trust me?" he asked. 

She paused "I do...should I not?" she said softly with a smile. He simply smiled back, her response meant a lot to him. Every since he first saw her years ago; he always had strong feelings for her, and he always wished for her to feel the same.

They spent hours talking and drinking in that cool cellar. Being complete opposite in values they seemed to get along perfectly.  

Lucien stayed in the cellar until Kira fell asleep. He would have enjoyed keeping her company until the guards found her, but knew it would be best for her to be found by them alone. He picked up her clothes and folded them neatly and placed them on a crate before walking out of the cellar. 


Kira awoke the sounds of yelling guards and men running around the stone floors in steel boots. 'I fell like shit...' she moaned to herself as a guard stormed into the cellar.


The guard who entered the cellar looked terrified until he saw Kira; He seem to have been distracted by her nakedness.

Kira interrupted him: "Do you mind?!" She was normally a modest person, and she would normally question why she was naked; but the moment was not the place or the time to question such things. 

The guard hurriedly covered his face with his shield at her demand "S-s-sorry miss...but the...the...count! The count is dead! He has been decapitated!" the guard panted and stuttered. 

Kira tried to look worried that the count was dead; She did looked a little shocked when the guard mentioned he was decapitated.... "Has anyone left the castle, has the killer been found?!" she asked surprised 

"No sign of the killer...or a weapon. You are the only guest we have found alive so far, I think it's lucky of you that you wound up down here-- everyone else is dead!" he panicked.

she tried to sound concerned about the situation and tried to explain her situation to the guard: "The killer must still be here. The count and everyone else was alive when I headed down here, in fact I was with a group of guests when we ventured down here for more wine... I must have gotten carried away... but I did not head down here that long ago." she lied. 

"We are searching the castle now." The guard responded. 

"Good" Kira replied and went on "I will hurry and get back to the Imperial city and inform the Legion." The guard nodded from behind his shield and turned to exit the cellar. 

Almost giving up looking for her clothes; she found them while walking out of the cellar-- her dress was neatly folded on top of a crate in the front of the cellar; she smiled at the thought of Lucien folding her dress for her. 'what a gentlemen' she thought to herself. 


Kira needed time to think before heading to the imperial city to break the news; she stopped off at home to bathe before heading to the imperial city. She would probably regret the decision later; it might look odd for her not heading straight to the Imperial city to break the news to one of her watch captains.

'They probably know anyways, I am sure someone from the Black Horse Courier knows by now. They know everything before it even happens... I just need some time to myself'. she thought to herself for some time. Mainly about Lucien, when and if she will see him again.


Kira walked into the Imperial palace with a forced frown and worried look. She was greeted by a palace guard; also one of her superiors. She opened her mouth to speak; he interrupted her before she could form a word.

"Where the hell have you been?" He asked, trying to sound demanding, but he sounded more worried than anything. 

"Sir, Janus Hassildor is...” He interrupted her again.

"I know, we heard. We also heard you were the only one alive in the castle. What they hell happened?! And why were you at a dinner party in the Skingrad castle? I find it a little suspicious since you were an enemy of the count."

If felt like a rock dropped to her stomach. 'He knows' she worried to herself. She tried to come up with a good response "Sir, before heading here I stopped by home to grab my sword and armor, since I did not take them with me to Skingrad; I left them at home By request of the guest who invited me... who is now dead" she lied and paused waiting for him to ask questions before continuing on "and I don't know what happened sir, I was at the party, the sun was almost up and me and a couple of guests headed to the wine cellar to get more wine. I drank too much and ended up falling asleep down there. I was awakened by one of the guards shortly after, that’s when I found out everyone was killed; and that the killer has not been found". 

His angered and worried expression turned to concern. "You are lucky to be such a lush then! If you went back with the other guests you would be dead right now." 

She forced a sorrowed look, and hung her head. "You may leave, go back home and get some rest.”

Before she left she asked about Skingrad. “What will happen, is there going to be a new count?”

“Ocato will take care of it, in fact he headed straight there when he heard the news. I am sure it will be worked out soon” he replied. 

She turned and upon walking out could not help but smile at the situation. It went better than she expected. _________________________________________________________________________________________

Kira awoke to the feeling of someone watching her. She was not surprised to see Lucien sitting in the chair by her bed; she was however angered at the sight of him. “How long have you been sitting there? You don’t bother seeing me in weeks… then you come just to watch me sleep? You are lucky you have not been stabbed yet.”

He would have loved to have laughed at her anger; it was always cute to him. Unfortunately he was here out of worry for her safety this was not the time to laugh. “You are not safe here.” he responded. And went on: “I have not seen you in weeks because I am in trouble… I am here now because your name was brought up in a conversation about my safety.” 

She turned to him with a curious look on her face and crawled toward him. “I don’t understand why you are in-trouble and what was this conversation about? Someone wants me dead again?”

He stood up and walked towards the wall behind him before replying: “When I ran into you at the sanctuary in Cheydinhal weeks ago, I mentioned a traitor. It turns out the traitor was a Speaker. This Speaker was having one of our Silencers kill off other members… anyways, I am—or was a Speaker for the dark brotherhood…”

Kira interrupted him: “are you a traitor?” She did not care about details; she wanted him to get to the point. 

Lucien sighed in a sad and worried way. “No.” He said, and then paused. “But they do not believe that I am not a traitor, so now I am being hunted to get what I ‘deserve’. I was not worried for my life when I found out, but the friend of mine that informed me to go into hiding mentioned that you should too. That is why I am here now, and why I am worried now. You cannot stay here. ”

Kira got off the bed and walked toward him looking worried. Her eyes never met his and were fixated on the night sky. “Where will we go? Why don’t we just stay here and face them?” she asked.

Lucien looked out the window with her and replied “I do not know how many will come for us, or who. I do not want to stay in a familiar place for them to sneak in and kill us why we are comfortable. We just need to hide for a while and hopefully the real traitor will reveal themselves.” He looked to her and went on “We will not be going into hiding together, I am taking you to Bruma; I bought a small house for you to stay in. I will be close, but we cannot stay together. There will be real evil people looking for me; they will probably just have some new member come looking for you.”  

Kira said nothing in reply and thought to herself: ‘we are capable of a fight, we should not be running and hiding like cowards.’ 


Kira turned to get dressed. “I am only willing to do this because I trust you; I trust you know what you are doing… I hope I am not making a mistake by running from my enemies.” 

He smiled “Do not worry; I have a feeling this will get resolved.” He was hoping his smile would calm her, and relive her of her fears and anger over the situation; her emotion never changed. 

The ride to Bruma took a couple of hours; it was quite and cold. Kira hated the idea of running away from someone who wanted her dead, and she hated Lucien for wanting her to go into hiding. ‘Does he not think I can handle my own fights?’ she thought as she hoped off his horse. He had her worried and angered, she turned to look at him.  “Where will you be, you said you are going to be close? I would like to know. What if I you need help?” she worried.

“To the west there is a small farm house called Applewatch; it was the home of a now deceased member. It should be safe there for me for a while. Don’t worry about me, and stay in Bruma; I will come to you.” He responded.

“When will I see you again? And when can I go home?” She asked. 

He smiled “Soon. The house you will be staying in is near the entrance, just go in and walk to the right.” He wished he would have seen her smile before leaving, but her expression remained mixed between angered and worried.  

Lucien rode off, Kira stood in the watching him head towards the west before heading into Bruma. 


The house was not hard to find at all; one of the only ones without a lit torch next to the door, or light coming from the windows. When she walked inside she got chills; from the darkness of the house and the cold air inside. She walked through the house uncomfortably; she had a bad feeling about being inside this house. She sighed off her bad feelings about the house and walked on. 

What Kira did not know was that there was someone in the house with her; the Dark brotherhood knew Lucien would try to buy houses around Cyrodiil in order hide Kira or himself in. Lucien never imagined that members would watch the houses for sale and the houses being bought. Kira did not know someone had been waiting for her for a day inside that house.

Kira turned into the dining area of the house to a put on a fire; before she could reach the fireplace she was met with a cold steel dagger. She let out a scream as the dagger penetrated her abdomen. She was unprepared and caught off guard. She never once feared death; she feared dying a coward, she feared dying in a house alone and not on a battlefield, and she feared dying being dependent on someone else for her safety—like how she was about to die now. 

She fell to the floor and grabbed her wound; she tried to muster the strength to grab her sword. She could feel her attacker standing behind her watching her die, she saw his dark eyes for only a second; but they were burned into her mind. She wished she could just get the strength to grab her sword and turn to face him; but she could not even think straight through the pain—along with the thought of killing her attacker there was a hundred other things running through her mind.

‘Stay awake.’ she tried to tell herself.  Unfortunately the last thing she would be able to do in her current state is kill her attacker. 

Her body ended up giving into in to the pain and she collapsed to the floor. The guards heard her scream as she was stabbed and quickly came running. Kira’s attacker hurried and ran out of the house at the sounds of guards running and yelling to get to where the scream came from. He left through a window, and was quick to leave; he never bothered to make sure Kira had stopped breathing. 

Kira managed to crawl a short way towards the door before passing out. The guards who came running to her aid had a hard time opening the door, after minutes of struggling with the lock they managed to get inside and carry her off to the chapel. 

Kira awoke days later in the Chapel of Talos. Her body still ached, but she was not concerned about that; she was concerned for finding Lucien. She sat up and surveyed the room she was in as the Chapel priestess walked in. 

“I am glad to see you awake and moving; have something to drink. How are you feeling?” The priestess asked smiling. 

“Where are my clothes? I need to leave.” Kira demanded.

The priestess was shocked at Kira’s insincerity; not knowing that Kira was worried about Lucien. The priestess lost her smile and responded “If you are so insistent on leaving, I guess we cannot keep you. Unfortunately we threw out the clothes you were wearing when you came in; they were covered in blood. There is a dress for you in this chest.” The priestess pointed to a chest near the wall and left the room. 
Kira hurried and got dressed and ran out of Bruma to Applewatch. While running there she had a hundred things to worry about; will Lucien still be there? Will she be able to find Applewatch? 

When she finally arrived she was slightly relieved to see Lucien’s horse still outside, she ran inside hoping that she would see him.

Kira entered the house and found Lucien, unfortunately not alive; she found him horribly mutilated. She covered her face and dropped to the floor in tears. She was barely able to recognize him he was so mangled. 

She wanted to be in denial, and she wanted it to not be real. He was a friend who she had strong feelings for, and she was hoping to see him again; alive. She began to think of all the things that went wrong ‘this could have been prevented’ she cried. 

After hours mourning for Lucien on the cold stone floor, she arose with anger. She will end this threat once and for all. 
I should have killed them all instead of running. They will all pay’. She said to herself.

This was the time to prove her worth, and show a more sinister and just side.


Days had passed since she found Lucien; she needed time to prepare. She does not want to go into the Cheydinhal sanctuary unprepared. She needs to bring them to justice and she wants their deaths to come quick; she needs to be prepared and strong. When they see her before they die she needs them to know what morals she stands for and she needs them to fear when they see her. 

She wanted help for a change; she needed a weapon enchant powerful enough to burn her enemy’s with every slice. Being expelled from the Arcane University she was unable to get her weapon enchanted from there so she headed to fort Cuptor.

Fort Cuptor was one of the few places she knew of that Necromancers hid in. They would be able to give her the weapon enchant she wanted… hopefully. 
She walked through the fort not worried about the Necromancers, but worried she would be leaving without her blade enchanted. 

“What do you want Imperial?” Asked the Necromancer she ran into. He looked busy and at the same time very apathetic.

“I need my weapon enchanted...” She responded while holding out her sword.

The necromancer nodded and extended his hand to take her sword. 

“What do you want for the Enchant? …Gold?” she asked. She was a little surprised about how easy it was to ask; the necromancer did not summon any undead or attempt to kill. He did not show any sign of being scared of her presence either. This was odd to her, but relieving at the same time. 

The necromancer replied. “Gold will be fine, unless you have some flora; however I doubt you have any alchemy regents… so gold will do... come with me this won’t take long.”

They walked to the back of the room they were standing in and the Necromancer focused on her sword for a while before handing it back. She reached into a bag and gave him a couple of Septims. The Necromancer turned to study without saying a word;Kira walked to exit the fort.  


It was late by the time she arrived at the Cheydinhal brotherhood. She reached to grab door and it was locked. She did have the time to fiddle with the locks, or find another entry; she kicked open the door and headed in. 

When she arrived at the familiar red door she was prepared this time. Lucien told her the doors password in the Skingrad wine cellar almost a month earlier during one of their many drunken conversations. 

What is the color of night?” the door asked

“Sanguine, my Brother.” Kira said coldly. 

Kira wasted no time when she entered. Arquen ; the speaker scowled at Kira’s entry. 

“You are supposed to be dead!” Arquen screamed. Arquen was almost shaking at the sight of Kira.

Kira responded with a laugh and waved her blade into Arquen slicing deep into her chest. Arquen quickly fell lifeless to the floor. 

Kira placed her boot onto Arquen’s head to nudge her out of the way and headed through the sanctuary. 

After Arquen it was a female murderer who only stood there shocked upon the sight of Kira.  Kira stabbed her through the abdomen.

“Pathetic.” Kira muttered as she headed down one of the halls of the sanctuary. 

Next to die was a Khajiit, who was also unprepared for her. However He at least attempted to grab his weapon at the sight of her. However He was just as quick to die. 

“There is at least one more maggot here.” Kira said out loud; she had been though almost the entire sanctuary and was positive there was at least another—the one who tried to kill her. She smiled at the thought of him seeing her... alive.
Kira ran into the man that almost killed her, they locked eyes; she smiled—she remembered those dark eyes well. He reached for an arrow and shot at Kira; He was shaking terribly and his aim was off. His arrow bounced off her plate armor and hit the floor. She ran at him; and pierced her sword through his chest, and just as fast pulled her sword out of him to watch him hit the floor. 

She knelt down over him and spit on his lifeless face. It was done; she brought the brotherhood to justice, and avenged her friend who had helped her kill someone who tried to kill her. She paused over his lifeless body and smiled at her success. To her knowledge all the members of the dark brotherhood were all lying dead thanks to her. ‘They will not be a problem in Cyrodiil anymore.’ she smiled to herself.


Nora Ta-Sanji
Nora, the shy and self-conscious thief from Elsweyr. Nora is afraid of close realtionships because she tends to mess everything up in her life, and hates the idea of messing up a good relationship. She pushes people away, and sometimes just wants to be left alone. That is why she prefers to steal rather than get a job; as a thief she is her own boss. Even though she gets caught a lot the guards have no idea how much she has actually stolen; maybe she is not a big of failure as she thinks she is.

Nora was born to a couple of shop keepers; she is the third child and the baby of their family. At the age of sixteen Nora started being romantic with an Argonian slave; her parents greatly disproved, and dis-owned her. Her and her Argonian lover ran away to live a better life in the Imperial Capital of Tamriel; Cyrodiil. When they arrived they had little to nothing to survive on and their blissful dream was darkly turning into reality. He became abusive and controlling over Nora, to the point where she was fearing for her life. She got a job as a farm hand, saved up all she had and at the age of eighteen, went back to Elsweyr; she never saw that Argonian again.

Upon arriving in Elsweyr she reconciled with her parents and got a job in their small shop. She found her self being put down by her parents for her work, she tried her best but it was never good enough. Her parents held high expectations that only her successful older siblings could meet. Nora felt useless, and decided to leave her parents for good this time. She ran into into a band of thieves outside of her home city and decided to join them. For a year she lived with them and learned from them. They were working on a big heist that would make them all rich enough to retire; but there was a snitch amongst them, who told the guards everything. Nora was quickly imprisoned.

Due to over crowding in the prisons of Elsweyr Nora was sent to the Imperial City to be held captive there. She saw this as a chance to start over, and become independent; she did not an abusive lover, she did not need unsupportive parents, she did not need an untrustworthy band of thieves, she did not need anyone. She got a job cleaning the Anvil castle, but that did not last long. She was not getting payed worth her work; she could not even afford her small run-down shack that was located on the docks. She turned back to thievery, which was much more comfortable for her. She earned enough from stealing to buy a nice shack in the Imperial city waterfront, a nice horse, and she was able to afford keeping a pet.

Nora is now 21, she still lives in the Imperial City, and is still a somewhat successful thief. She has found her self in-love with an Imperial girl, but is still not confident enough to for a close relationship with her. When she is not locked up Nora spends a lot of her time exploring, but tries to avoid ruins. She cannot wield a weapon, or cast any spell so exploring too much could get her into trouble. She also enjoys staying at sleazy taverns in hope she could con some drunk out of all their gold.