Been playing Skyrim here and there, so I am going to dump some of my Skyrim pictures here. Hope you like them (:.  I am also trying to stay as "vanilla" as possible (lol); I have some sexy armor mods though, they just look a little better.

This is a retex of r18pn underwear   I just copied some leather textures made by this awesome person I still need to edit the maps of it and make it lighter. I had it on my last skyrim install, but I will upload it here when I am done. you can see it some of my previous skyrim screenshots I used it as an armor.

In case you are wondering what armor I use it's the body and corset from here  (great elvish looking armor!) a retex of a skirt from here  and the gloves, boots, and shoulder piece is from here . I wouldn't mid sharing the texture file of the skirt either is someone was wanting to use this. pretty simple retex; also looks great with the plate curiass from zzjay's mod that I got the shoulders from.

 A vampire, that I haven't really decided what I want to do with.

A Templar (:

 No,  I don't want to try mercenary work.
Couldn't decide which one I liked better :<

 someone got a facelift :o ....and turned into an archer :>

my steam stopped working for a while. Remade my character...but now with brown hair.

 I love this dress :3. Almost was going to switch from CBBE to UNP just to use it. But in case you are wondering it seems to work just fine with CBBE.

My new elf (:


my lydia
 Kyrie got a small face-lift

my Breton Xiali

pep talk

 ;_; R.I.P beautiful city

 My fire mage kitty (: Nora the third lol
 My Stormcloak archer Lorelie
 My Imperial (and 'main' character). Kyrie
 Burning sensation :o
 my favorite city.... still can't afford to buy a house there on any of my characters :p

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